School-Wide SEL: Pandemic Edition

Sprinkling the Good Stuff, Everywhere! v.6

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Grab and Go: Virtual Staff Meeting Activities

Dealing With Change: Activity for virtual staff meetings to help discharge energy around our collective trauma. Self-reflection affords the opportunity to identify coping styles of self and others so that more compassion, patience and tolerance can emerge.

The Parents Are Not All Right: Activity for virtual staff meetings that addresses the struggles we face trying to parent, work and stay above water during this traumatic event. Reflection and discussion questions allow all staff to process the difficulties. Leaders can give staff permission to grieve; support staff in understanding how student parents may be processing this new reality.

That Discomfort You Are Feeling Is Grief: Activity for virtual staff meetings that helps build resilience. Staff will identify feelings during the pandemic and explore ways to find meaning and balance. Healthy staff=happy students.

Helping to Build the Emotional Resilience of Staff Activity for virtual meetings that helps begin the resilience journey of staff around their own emotional literacy. The SEL self-assessment is the basis for deep reflection about personal strengths and weaknesses. All school-wide SEL efforts begin with the adults.

Grab and Go: Share with Parents

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Dr. Stephanie Grant: Supporting Our Children Through COVID 19

A very informative and thoughtful video created to support parents (and teachers) with practical information and strategies during social isolation. A resource sheet is included.

Creative Ways To Engage With Children

Clever activities parents can give to families wanting to stay connected at home and in the community.

Vital Resources for Human Well-Being (Leaders, Teachers, Students and Families)

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Mary Perfitt-Nelson, Teacher and School Psychologist

Mary Perfitt-Nelson, Mental Health Consultant

Certified Coordinator: Schoolwide Information Systems; PBIS Assessments; Early Warning Systems,

Trainer: CHAMPS Classroom Management, Discipline and Organization; Love and Logic (Parent and Educator); International Institute for Restorative Practices (Classroom Circle and Restorative Conferencing); Traumatic Event Crisis Intervention Plans (TECIP); Certified Trauma Practitioner and Trainer for the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (CTP); The RULER Approach to SEL

Badge Of Honors: Master Gardener, Devon Rex cat breeder; daughter/wife/mother/sister/aunt/grandmother/friend to some amazing humans

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