Sinking Springs has SPIRIT

The Greatest School in ALL the Land

What makes Sinking Springs Elementary the greatest school in ALL the land?

The key to success is that the students at Sinking Springs have SPIRIT. Not spirit in the conventional sense, although SSE students are proud of their school. Sinking Springs Spirit represents six key elements of student behavior that enable ALL students to reach their full potential. The students, at their full potential are truly who make SSE the greatest school in ALL the land!

What Can You Do to Show Your SPIRIT?

The best way to show your Sinking Springs SPIRIT is to keep in mind the six elements of SPIRIT (self-control, pride, inspiration, respect, intelligence, and trust) and do your best to incorporate behaviors that support the six elements into your daily life. Make good choices, be kind to others, and set a good example for others. Each day, you can make a difference in the life of someone. Be sure it's a good difference. Be an inspiration by showing your SPIRIT.