December 8-12, 2014

Mrs. Zinke's Class


A Honor Roll- Good Job!

Aiden A. , Gino C., Cristabel G., Kameron H., Emerald R., Simon R., Karen Y.

Attendance: Our attendance is based on making progress in all courses each week. Not completing lessons in all courses can result in being marked absent for the entire week. You should be at about 40% progress this week to be on target.

Progress (Grades)

Please make sure you are completing all lessons in your daily plan. I suggest printing your plan off Every Monday morning. On Friday, double check the plan you printed, any lessons you didn’t complete need to be done before Monday. If you would like to know if you are behind in progress please send me a k-mail. I would be happy to send you a progress snapshot! Not sure how many lessons to do a week? See below! :-)
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Here is your December Synch Calendar. Make sure you are doing the lessons assigned on Fridays as well.

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Happy Birthday!

No birthdays this week.