Jefferson High School Newsletter

March 18, 2015 Weekly Update


A lot has taken place since the last newsletter. I attended the National Conference on Education and had the opportunity to partake in a variety of workshops relating to public education.

One I found interesting was the usefulness of social media for getting the word out for school districts. I was amazed at the statistics showing how how much more information is read from Facebook, Twitter, etc. compared to school websites. After the workshop, I took the plunge and created a twitter account. The address is listed below. I had told my children I would never do it since I'm not interested in social media that isn't useful to me. Well, I was wrong and do believe it can be put to a positive use at JHS. My next step is a school Facebook site, so hold on tight.

I also learned of free K-12 software to educate staff and students on proper usage of social media and will look to infuse the material in the school curriculum. I believe with proper training, these social media tools can be a valuable resource for the school district.

Another great curriculum tool I recently found is EVERFI, a financial literacy online supplement that will fit great with the Personal Finance class at JHS. The program is sponsored by local banks and JHS will be sponsored by Boulder Valley Bank. Thanks go out to Boulder Valley Bank for being an active participant and sponsor of this program.

Changing gears, the winter sports season was ended and congratulations to all participants for a good season. Spring sports are now underway and competition will begin in the next few weeks.

Enjoy the articles below.

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