Where the Wild Things Are

By: Maurice Sendak


Max was a little boy with a big imagination. One night he was in his wolf suit and he made a lot of trouble. He made so much trouble he had to go up to his room. That night a forest grew and grew until he was outside. He sailed through the ocean in his sailboat. When he reached land he saw these wild things. The wild things were nice. They went through many adventures and the next thing you know Max's mom was calling him for dinner.

Author's Purpose

Maurice Sendak wrote this book to entertain children and adults all around the world.

Why it Won

I think Where the Wild Things Are won because of the illustration. Maurice Sendak has an interesting style of art. It looked like he used a pen and the colored it in. I think this is book has really great illustrations.


I compared Where the Wild Things Are to Once a Mouse... Once a mouse... has a different style of illustration. I still think Where the Wild Things Are is still a way better book. Another thing is the plot. It is so different. Once a Mouse... is still a pretty good book.

Maurice Sendak

Died: May 8, 2012, Danbury, CT

Born: June 10, 1928, Brooklyn, NY

Won book in 1964

More Information:


Five Interesting Facts About Maurice Sendak

  1. He created Little Bear.
  2. He was a collector
  3. He owned the second largest Mickey Mouse
  4. At first, he was an abstract artist.
  5. He died May 8, 2012

Where The Wild Things Are Audio Book

By: Thomas Killeen