Sweden, Stockholm, Swedish, Europe, Population: 9,723,809

Life Span of Sweden people

Average Life span of Sweden:41.2 years

Geography of Sweden

Top 3 major Landforms, Architectural, Seas, Cities

3 Major Land marks: Kebnekaise Mount., Luossauaara mount., Kiirunouaara mount.

3 Major Architectural Land Marks: Skansien, Liseberg, Vasa Museum

3 Major Bodies of water: Lule, Skellefte, Ume

3 Major Cities: Stockholm,Gothenburg,Malmo

Sweden's Climate

Average rainfall yearly 24 Inches.

General seasonal weather conditions Winter -1c Spring 9c Summer 22c Autumn 10c

Average temperature in Sweden its much mild in Sweden.

Climate effect on Business by the 21st century there will be more crops.

Swedish Culture

Music Punk music

Folk Music Nordic folk Dance

Clothing Simple Geometric shapes

Food Lingonberry Jam

Holidays Christmas, Mid summer, New years eve