Ice Day

Come celebrate Ice Day with the rest of your community in the park!

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 12pm

Elmwood Park, Reinbeck, Iowa, United States

Reinbeck, IA

How will we celebrate?

12pm-1pm: There will be a lecture on what ice harvesting was, so you know why we celebrate it.

1pm-2pm: There will be a tent set up with specific tools that were used by the ice harvesters, so you know how they cut up the Ice.

2pm-3pm: a movie on the ice industry will begin to be played to show people how they harvested the ice.

4pm- the activities begin!


We'll have a ice cutting tutorial to show people how much work went into cutting ice

Ice strong man: This one shows who can pick up the most amount of ice

A ice cutting competition will finish off the day, who can cut the most ice the fastest?

Why we celebrate Ice Day?

We celebrate Ice Day to remember the once thriving industry of harvesting Ice. Another reason we celebrate it is to remember those who died on the job because it was a risky job to do


The decorations will include the following;

Old ice saws, ice men, snow man, ice cubes, snow, and to top it off horse drawn ice cutters

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