The Hawk and the Reindeer

By: Alexandria Swanson

The Hawk and the Reindeer

Once there was a reindeer, who was roaming a beautiful, lushes meadow. He was trying to find a white rose for his wife. What he didn't know was that there was a hunter watching him near by, hunting for antlers. The hunter decided to capture the deer by using a complex trap. A hawk was sitting near by, perched on a tree branch, watching the whole thing play out. As the reindeer was walking back home, his foot got stuck in a rope. He struggled to free him self but it was no use. As the hunter was about to kill his prey, the hawk swopped down and clawed the hunter. He screamed in pain, as the hawk freed the reindeer. The reindeer asked, " How can I ever repay you?" The hawk turned around and took flight and yelled, " There is no need to do anything for me." He went on," You would do the same thing for me." Then he disappeared into broad day light.

About a year later the reindeer was in the same meadow trying to find a blue rose for his wife and a white rose for his daughter. As he was picking out the flowers he heard a screech from the other side of the meadow. "Who could it be," he thought. As he was running over to see who it was, he saw a hawk feather on the ground. It reminded him of the hawk he saved him. "I never got his name," he thought. But as he came apon the part of the meadow that was making such a rekus. He saw the hawk that saved him a year ago, he was fighting a bear who wanted to eat the hawk. "He is in trouble," he thought, " I'll go save him." That's exactly what he did, the reindeer rammed into the bear with his antler's. The bear cried out into pain and ran away from the reindeer and the hawk. The hawk said, "How can I ever repay you for saving my life?" The reindeer replied, " Wouldn't you do the same thing for me?" The reindeer walked away and dropped the white rose he was going to give to his daughter. The hawk picked it up and tried to give it back, but the reindeer had already disappeared into the thick forest. "I never got his name," the hawk thought. He would always remember this day.


The moral of the story is do something good for someone and they will do good for you.