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Recapping January 2016

Hello Spring!

Hey Ladies,

Over the next couple weeks you will be attending your Better Together meetings, I hope you enjoy every part of it.

Begin thinking about the opportunity you have to attend Conference this year. So many great reasons to attend... It's the party of the year! You will get amazing training, get to shop the conference store, have some girl time, and celebrate your Thirty-One Sisters! This is a huge investment in your business and I can't wait to attend! When planning your trip, strongly consider attending the Super Session.

Key Dates:

Feb 20-27 - Better Together events held
Mar 1st - March Specials go live!

You will notice a dramatic change in our monthly stats now as I have two new Directors in my lineage... so as they are still my Gen 0 their numbers will count in the newsletters but not their teams (my Gen 1)

Keep an eye on our Team Facebook page, as I will keep you up to date with all the details when I get them... Team McD - Nothin' Stoppin' Us!

I'm here to help, email me anytime or call my home 519-638-5911, I text too, 519-766-5487

Megan McDougall

Thirty-One Gifts, Director


Our Stats

Team Stats

Sales - $14,011

Recruits - 1

Members - 25

Parties - 24

Personal Volume


Katie Carscadden - $2,922.00

Sharon Goetz - $1,692.00

Leslie Robison - $1,687.00

Lee Cross - $1,386.00


Rhonda Reid - $658.00

Crystal Cullen - $648.00

Michelle Witzel - $606.00

Congrats to these ladies who also partied this month

Steacy den Haan, Brittany Sheridan, Marion Russell, Robynn Boyd, Lisa Haire, Stephanie Murphy

Congrats to these ladies who entered orders this month

Tiffany Andrade, Amy Petch, Tashina Shawongonabe

Top Parties:

Sharon Goetz - 4
Leslie Robison - 3
Katie Carscadden - 3

Dream Builders:

Rhonda Reid

Welcome to the team:

Lee Cross

Happy Thirty-One Anniversary:

Tashina Shawongonabe, Stacey denHaan, Katie Carscadden,

All About Your Director

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Your Director's Stats

Personal Volume - $2,774.00

Parties - 3

Recruits - 0

Leadership in Mind?

Based on a personal volume of $1000 a consultant earning 25% commission would earn $250.

Based on our team stats, and my personal volume a Director would earn $1,113.00