Going Google in the Classroom

Content Creation With Google Apps for Education

Class Novel Setting Locations With Google My Maps

Students plotted the setting locations of novels we read in class. They included a short description of each location and picture for each location.

Literature Circles: Collaborative Google Slides Presentations

Create a Google Slides presentation describing the Literature Circle experience with your group. Be sure to include a title slide and one additional slide for each job in the Literature Circle. Include examples for each job. Do NOT describe the entire book!

Google Slides Collaborative Review Games

Google Forms

Growth Mindset Mini-Project: 2016 New Year's Resolutions

Write an essay in Google Docs, create a Google Slides presentation, make a poster or a video that shows your New Year's Resolutions for 2016. Be creative and create something that you can be proud of. The sky's the limit!

Super Science Vertebrates - 3rd Grade Mini-Research Presentations

Students collaborated in groups of three on Google Slides to create these amazing presentations.

Student Reflections: Using Google for Education