Free Workshop

Sponsored by Alloway and Upper Pittsgrove SEPAG

"Managing Oppositional-Defiant Behaviors in Children" by Debbie Leoni MA, LPC, NBCC, ACS

Debbie Leoni is a Board-Certified Licensed Profession Counselor, as well as an Approved Clinical Supervisor, with over 18 years of service to children and families. Debbie's philosophy is based in her belief that our interactions with children should be nurturing, respectful, and unconditional. She encourages love-based parenting, as opposed to fear-based approaches.

"Managing Oppositional-Defiant Behaviors in Children"

Thursday, Jan. 24th, 6:30-7:30pm

Alloway Township School District, Alloway Township, NJ, USA


Event will be held in the library. This is open to parents and staff of Alloway Township School and Upper Pittsgrove School.

You may RSVP below or by calling 856-935-1622 X100.

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