Two Intertwined Countries

Anna Pulis, 3rd period

The United States & Canada

Similarities between the U.S. and Canada? Exactly! Whether we're aware of it or not, these two countries have plenty in common. For starters, they share a continent and a physical border! And an extremely large one at that. This border provides an easier opportunity for these states to maintain their extensive "bilateral relationship" that is among the closest in the world. Throughout this flyer, we'll explore in depth the many other ways the U.S. and Canada are so intensely associated.

Connections Between Us


There are countless economic benefits that come along with this connection. As a result of the gigantic trading relationship shared by the U.S. and Canada, millions of jobs are produced in both places (over 8 million in the U.S.) and around 300,000 people travel across their mutual border each day. Also, for every 24 hours, more than $2 billion of goods and services are included in trade. The partnership among these two countries is incredible; each is nearly the other's largest foreign investor and trading partner, as well as they have created efficient and safe conditions and regulations for easy flow across the border. Because of this, it is clear that these two countries rely heavily on one another. But why? The most prodigious reason for this is the location of the U.S. and Canada. The fact that they are so incredibly close makes trading less complicated.


In terms of social connections, the U.S. and Canada have a long history. They share a British colonial heritage, and the majority of both primarily speak the English language. This makes communication more successful and efficient. The populations of both countries have intermingled from the 1750's through the 21st century. Again, the close geography of these two states makes their social connection even stronger. For example, people in our countries watch the same movies, read the same books and like the same musicians. Therefore, this shows that culture can be easily spread throughout them and migration is not the least bit uncommon.


Both Canada and the United States are considered federal democratic countries. But, their systems of government are somewhat different. The United States government is a republic, while Canada occupies a constitutional monarchy. Despite these differences, many similarities are present. Both countries divide power between national and state/providence governments, and both have a constitution. Also, representatives of government are elected, thus entrusting the majority of the power to the citizens. Because of this, the United States and Canada share similar views on issues and the running of each country. This connection is due to a long history between the countries, the fact they are so culturally similar, and their adjacent location.
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