Love Is Messy

Helena's Mix Tape


Throughout the play A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, I feel like Shakespeare teaches us that love is complicated and not easily accomplished. In Helena's case, and many others, her love and happiness came after much chaos and problems.
Paramore - Ain't It Fun (Lyric Video)

Track One: Ain't It Fun by Paramore

"Ain't it good, being all alone?" This song is about waking up and realizing that you have to fend for yourself now, you are all alone, almost like a reality check. I would imagine that this is Helena, if she were speaking to herself in a bitter, almost sarcastic tone. This would be how she would describe her situation when she lost Demetrius.
Eden - Sara Bareilles

Track Two: Eden by Sara Bareilles

"Illustrate the remnants of the life I used to live here in Eden. Roll the lucky pair of dice, ended up in paradise. Landed on a snake's eye, took a bite and ended up bleeding." This song describes having the perfect life, but then hitting a stroke of bad luck, effectively "kicking you out of Eden", the equivalent of paradise. This is how I imagined Helena felt when she gained, but then lost Demetrius. She had paradise, and quickly lost it.
Jay Brannan - Beautifully (Official Music Video)

Track Three: Beautifully by Jay Brannan

This song addresses unrequited love, which is basically Helena's life story. It says "It's not that you're not beautiful, you're just not beautiful to me--she said "How beautiful do I have to be?"" I feel like it shows how Helena always thought Demetrius did not want her because she was not beautiful, or lovely enough. She was beautiful, however Demetrius was in love with Hermia.
Coldplay - Shiver

Track Four: Shiver by Coldplay

"I look in your direction, but you pay me no attention..." This song is about loving someone, but they don't love you back. Which again, is practically Helena's life story during the play. She was desperate for him to notice her. She is completely head-over-heels in love with Demetrius, but he acts as if Hermia is the only one.
Echosmith - Cool Kids [Official Music Video]

Track Five: Cool Kids by Echosmith

"And they all got the same heartbeat, but hers is falling behind." This song mentions wishing you were someone you weren't, someone who has it all. I picture that as Helena's voice, because she wanted to be Hermia, just to be loved by Demetrius.
Taylor Swift - Better Than Revenge (Lyrics On Screen)

Track Six: Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift

This song is about a girl who had everything, especially her boyfriend. Then, a girl comes and sabotages her by stealing the boy. Helena must have felt like Hermia was stealing everything from her, because Hermia was more beautiful.
Blondie - One Way or Another (Lyrics)

Track Seven: One Way Or Another by Blondie

"One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha..." This song describes how I imagined Helena felt, she was determined to get Demetrius to notice her again, even if it was just for him to hurt her, or kill her. She was desperate, and almost to a creepy, stalkerish point.
Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music Video]

Track Eight: Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

"I can't take one more step towards you, because all that's waiting is regret." The singer in this song sings about betrayal. When Demetrius and Lysander are suddenly acting in love with Helena, she feels betrayed, as she is certain it is a trick. When Hermia is confused by the behavior, Helena is convinced that she is in on the joke as well. Again, she feels betrayed and almost disgusted.
Sara Bareilles - Uncharted

Track Nine: Uncharted by Sara Bareilles

"I'm already out of foolproof ideas so don't ask me how, it's all uncharted." This is how I supposed all the characters felt when they woke up from their "dream". It's an upbeat song, and they were not sad, but rather they were giddy and cheerful. They weren't quite clear on what to do, but their new love was kind of uncharted, as you could probably guess I was going to say :)
Oh, Hush! - "Happy Place" Feat. Hanna Ashbrook

Track Ten: Happy Place by Oh, Hush! (Feat. Hanna Ashbrook)

"I found my happy place, it's written on my face." This is the most upbeat, happy, and cheerful song I have ever heard, I totally love it. It's how I'd imagine Helena felt in the end, she had Demetrius back, and Hermia as her friend.