Interchangeable Parts

Mykala Tucker

Who is the inventor of interchangeable parts?

The inventor of interchangeable parts is Eli Whitney.

How does the invention work?

Interchangeable Parts was a machine that would make copies of individual parts of a object, and then once the parts were made somebody would assemble the parts together to make one product.

What is the purpose of this invention?

It was made so that way factories could copy parts instead of making one person constantly make that one part over and over again.

Where did the invention occur?

Interchangeable parts occurred in factories.

When did the invention occur?

The invention occurred during the late 1700s.

Why was there a need for this invention?

There was a need of this product, because everyone needed something to help make multiple items in a shorter amount of time so they could make more money. Also they need the invention so they could save time.

Why is this invention important in history?

It was important to history, because it was the first time everyone discovered that they didn’t have to make every single part needed only using one person.



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