Kaiser Wilhelm

By: Adam

Who was Kaiser Wilhelm?

Kaiser Wilhelm was the last German emperor and was also the king of Prussia. Kaiser Wilhelm was related to many well known people. He was also related to many monarchs of Europe and was the eldest grandchild of British Queen Victoria. He was born in 1859.

What was Kaiser Wilhelm's role in the war?

Kaiser Wilhelm or Wilhelm II didn't know that he would start an intense chain reaction that would start the war, like a lit match falling into a barrel of oil, by encouraging Austrians to adopt an uncompromising line against Serbia. Wilhelm II had tried keeping Germany from mobilizing, but that hadn't worked out.

What challenges had Wilhelm II face?

In 1908, he had suffered from a nervous breakdown, so he had a less dominant role in German government for the next few years. Before the war, Kaiser Wilhelm was 'upset' that Germany was preparing for war, but later, in about 1917, he lost the support of the military and soon abdicated in November 1918. But just before WWII, he claimed to be ashamed to be German.

Other Facts

Kaiser Wilhelm was left with a damaged left arm due to a breech birth.