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Renaissance- Rebirth in art and learning

Pasqua- Easter

Festa Dei Morta- All Soul's Day

Babbo Natale- Father Christmas

Al Dente- Slightly Resistant to the Bite

Granita- Light Sherbet Made with Powdery Ice or Fruit Flavored Syrup

Gelati- is made with milk, it resembles Ice cream in the United States

Caffe Espresso- rich, dark, flavorful coffee served in Italy

Caffetteria- special type of coffee maker

French Roast- Dark roasted, finely ground coffee beans

Minestras- Soups

Mortadella- Italian Sausage

Pama Ham- Popular appetizer

Risottos- rice dish with butter, chopped onion, stock or wine, and parmesan cheese

Gnocchi- Dumplings

Polenta- porridge made of cornmeal

Apfelstrudel- Apple strudel

Crauti- Sauerkraut

Pollo Alla Cacciatore- Chicken hunter style

Minestrone- Soup made with carrots, onions, zucchini, celery, cabbage, rice or pasta, and seasoning

Osso Buco- portion of the calf's leg

Zabaglione- fluffy egg custard flavored with marsala wine

Pannetone- sweet cake filled with fruits and nuts

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara- Spagetti dish

Crostata di Ricotta- Cheese pie

Nel fiasco- Beans cooked with garlic, water, and olive oil

Cenci- deep fried party stripes made into bows

Panforte- honey cake flavored with cloves and cinnamon

Fusilli- pulled out spirals

Orecchietta- Little ears

Ricci Di Donna- ladies curls

Stuffed lasagne- Popular Neapolitan dish

Pizza- Popular Neapolitan dish

Soffritti- lightly fried onions and other vegetables mixed with a small amount of meat

Zucchini Parmesan- sliced zucchini with cubed tomatoes tosses with parmesan cheese

Antipasto- appetizer course for the beginning of the meal

Pasta in brado- simple broth for pasta

Geography and Climate

  • Three distinct geographic regions
  • Northern Italy which has great beauty and fertile land. The Po River Basin makes the Po Valley the most productive in the country.
  • Central Italy is hilly and mountainous.
  • Southern Italy is the least favorite off the three because the decreased resources in this region.
  • Italy has a Mediterranean climate.
  • Summers are dry and sunny.
  • Winters are rainy.
  • The north is more cooler then the south


Government name- Italian Republic

Government Type- Republic

Chief of State- President Giorgio

Head of Government- Prime Minister Matteo Renzi


  • Richest most productive farmland is located in Northern Italy in the Po River Valley
  • Leading crops- wheat, corn, rice, sugar beets, and flax
  • Largest cheese producing in this region
  • Olive trees thrive in Southern Italy
  • Vineyards are supplied thought out Italy
  • Italian wine makers produce red, white, and sparkling wine

Holidays and Recreation

  • Mostly all are Roman Catholics
  • Pasqua which is Easter is a important holiday
  • Italians hold harvest festivals in late summer and early fall, they celebrate important foods
  • On Nov. 2 they celebrate Festa Dei Morta which is All Souls Day, they respect the dead relatives
  • Christmas is a special time for Italians


  • Italian food is lively, interesting, colorful, and varied
  • Italians believe in keeping the natural flavors of food and try to keep things fresh
  • Italians use different types of herbs, spices, and seasonings
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are important to there kitchen
  • Italians cook many dishes on top of the range by simmering or frying

Italian Culture

  • City of Rome was once head a empire.
  • Romans rule was brought through Europe, Northern Africa, and Western Asia.
  • After the fall of the Roman Empire that rise of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Structure of the church turned to government power.
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