Ancient China

China's History By Ola Okoro

Chinese Calligraphy

In Chinese Calligraphy you can tell what the person who carved it was feeling just by looking at it. Emotion can show in Chinese Calligraphy like emotion can show on a persons face. Mad or sad people can tell by Calligraphy.
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Ancient China has always been ruled and populated since the 27th century BCE. Even Now a days some places in China are still being ruled over. The number of dynasties have been over a thousand. Ancient China survived many many years because of the the dynasties that it was ruled over for many years.

Northern China

Five dynasties ruled over northern Ancient China. And because it was only five, those dynasties lasted a long time. The order that the five dynasties went was Later Liang, Later Tang, Later Jin, Later Han, and Later Zhou.
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Made In China

Many of the resources that we use today came from ancient china. Such as silk cloth, gun powder, toilet paper, paper and printing, the compass, fire works, umbrellas, matches, kites, and ice cream. We, as people of the modern time, might take these things as things from the common era that we live in today. But these things come from long ago from people considered smarter than us today.