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*Parent Bulletin * February 1, 2021*

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Staff Shout Outs!

The Twain staff continues to work hard to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the Twain community. If at anytime during the year, you believe that a staff member deserves a shout out, please send me an email with what the staff member did to earn the shout out. The shout out will be shared with the staff in our weekly staff newsletter.

Message from Dr. Booker

Friday, February 5th will be an Asynchronous Day for Twain Elementary. Students will be expected to complete the asynchronous work assigned to them by their teacher. During the day, teachers will be participating in professional development.

Until at least some elementary students return to in-person instruction, we will continue to allocate 90 minutes every Wednesday as asynchronous time where teachers are not expected to directly interact with students.

Recently, you received a video from Superintendent Jill Baker and Assistant Superintendent Brian Moskovitz of our Elementary Schools Office regarding a survey of your preference on whether to return to in-person instruction or remain online, should we be able to safely bring students back to campus this spring. This Instructional Setting Survey is now available through your ParentVue account. Please log into your account, select School of Choice from the left menu, and then select Parents Click to Choose Instructional Setting, and follow the prompts to indicate either ‘online’ or ‘in person’ as your preferred instructional setting. If you need support in accessing your ParentVue account, please contact your student’s school site for help.

The more information we have from this survey, the better we can ready our team for Twain's instructional schedule and safety plan.

Due to a significant surge in COVID-19 cases, the Long Beach Unified School District will continue to provide most instruction through distance learning until at least March 1 rather than starting in-person classes on Jan. 28 as previously hoped.

Celebrate Black History Month

Make your Instructional Setting Choice

Simply log in to your ParentVue account and click on School of Choice. You will then select Parents click to choose an instructional setting. You will be redirected to the application where you may select in person or online at home.

Middle School Choice

5th to 6th Grade Middle School Choice- The Middle School Choice “season” kicked off on Wednesday, January 13. Please read the attached letter and Frequently Asked Questions, and see the MS Choice website for most current timeline.

Parent Support for Canvas/Zoom/Chrome is now online…

The link below will take you to online tech support. Also, please do not change your child's password.

Library curbside pickup

Great news, Twain families! Every Wednesday, Twain ES will be offering curbside pickup for library books. We have many new books that have been waiting to be read! Please see below to find out how you and your child can borrow books from our library!

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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

1) Art Education Supplies Pick Up

Twain PTA Art Education Program beginning in February! Educators from Inspyr Art Studio will be joining our class Zooms throughout February. Check with your classroom teacher for your lesson date and when supplies can be picked up. Our first lesson, in celebration of Black History Month, will introduce students to the life and work of Ashley Bryan and give students the opportunity to create their own art using water pastels and markers.

2) Community & Parent webinars

The families in our Twain community are important to us! This virtual schooling time can be very difficult for all, and we want you to know that you're not alone! Whether it's managing stress and uncertainty, adjusting to changes, or moderating your child's interaction - we want to support you as best as we can! Here's a few webinars that are available for all to attend:

> 33rd District Community events:

> IVA Parent Acedemy: Link to flyer attached below

3) PTA Volunteers Needed

We are already planning for the 2021-2022 PTA school year and we need volunteers to be a part of our board and committees next year. Just a reminder that anyone who is a member can volunteer, and that includes Dads, Moms, Guardians, Grandparents, Teachers, Friends, etc.

As a PTA, we are advocating for our children and the enrichment and success of all the students at Twain. If you or anyone you know is interested, please complete this Google form or feel free to reach out to any of the current board members and we will be happy to talk with you. Our current board members' contact information is located on our PTA website here.

The PTA has a new website! It's a work in progress so there will be additional information and updates occasionally. They have information about the Reflections program, Shopping Rewards program, how to join PTA, who to contact and also a link to the Parent newsletter, etc.

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Upcoming Events

2/5-Asynchronous Day

2/8- Lincoln Day (No School)

2/15 - Washington Day (No School)

Previously Shared Information

District Plan

The Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education is deeply committed to the health and safety of students, families and staff. The school district continues to consider evolving guidance from state and local health and education agencies regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

View the 2020-2021 School Opening & Safety Plan for additional details:

English Version
Spanish Version
Khmer Version

Canvas Resources for Parents

Community News

Free laptop and low cost internet

Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) understands that having access to technology and the internet in the home is key to being successful both in and out of the classroom. Qualified, low-income families are now eligible to receive assistance from human-I-T to ensure you have access to hard to find low-cost internet plans and a FREE LAPTOP. human-I-T is here to help if you are not connected or are paying too much for internet. Take advantage of this free resource available for a limited time to make sure your student has the tools available to succeed. Sign up now!

To apply or get more information, text or call the numbers below or complete the online form in the link.

School Health Forms

Twain's nurse, Molly, has created a way for you to access any health forms you may need.

adjusting microphone volume on chrome

Please click on the link below to watch a ONE MINUTE (literally, just one minute) video about the audio settings in a Chromebook. Many of our students are encountering audio issues that may be able to be resolved in the next 60 seconds. 🙂 Hope this helps!

Information regarding CORE 5

Dear Families,

Again this year your student will have the opportunity to use Lexia® Core5® Reading, an engaging computer-based program that has helped millions of students at all reading levels become better readers. The activities in Core5 support and build on our classroom curriculum and focus on developing essential reading skills in six critical areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Here’s how Lexia Core5 Reading works:

  • Log in to Lexia Core5 Reading

    • The first thing your child will see this year is the auto-placement. Please do not help your child as this placement will ensure your child begins Core5 at a starting point that fits his or her needs. Starting fresh for the new year will provide your student the opportunity to review skills previous learned and ensure a successful start to the new year

    • Although students will each receive a customized prescribed number of minutes, to accelerate progress we are recommending all students use Core5 20 minutes daily.

    • Each student will receive a customized prescribed number of minutes to work online each week, please strive to meet these goals.

    • Progress and performance in the program are reported to teachers, so please do not help provide answers to your children. If they are struggling, encourage them to replay the directions, repeat the prompt and to try their best. The program will provide support if they are struggling.

Tips for Parents

  • Reward students for completing weekly Core5 minutes.

  • Please do not help your child by providing them answers while using the Core5 online program.

  • Encourage your child to take a break or choose another activity when they see a red apple.

  • If you have a question about your child’s username or password, please contact your child’s teacher directly. Lexia Customer Support is not able to provide families with teacher emails, student usernames, or passwords.

We hope you share our excitement about this program.


One of my professional goals this year is to increase my level of communication to the Twain community. The Parent Bulletin will be your main source for school- wide information and I will be emailing it out every week.

Other helpful sources of information include the LBUSD website ( and our school website (

The Twain office staff is available to assist you each school day via phone at (562) 421-8421. Our office is also open to the Twain community, by appointment only. If you require in-person assistance, please call the school office to make an appointment. Upon entering the school, you will have to go through a brief COVID screening.