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November Newsletter Volume 6; Issue 1

Welcome to our newsletter!

TCS moves forward with a brand new newsletter format! Thank you parents and friends for following me on Twitter; I am so excited to share all the amazing work going on here at TCS. The new newsletter format will get to you fast, and save a few trees along the way! Enjoy!

We are well into a new school year with so much learning taking place each day it's hard to capture it all. I hope you have already visited our music rooms, or a School Advisory Council meeting, volunteered for school events, or joined our new a fabulous PTO! Thank you for choosing TCS as your school! Our teachers, students, and families are so special; a walk down our hallways will tell you that! I really believe that TCS is 'the best place to learn, under the sun!

Have a wonderful month!

Ms. Stoupas

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The Arts @ TCS

In the Art Lab this year students across all grade levels will explore big themes that run through literature and the arts. Our collaborative fish installation on display in the rotunda started us off with a conversation about unity and diversity. We have also explored the importance of mistakes and learning to persevere, through the lens of a favorite book called "Beautiful Oops". As we finish up a vibrant unit called "living color" we look forward to beginning a study of mood this Halloween season! We are always striving to look, think, discuss and create with our brains and our hearts!

Mrs. Ratka


Music classrooms at TCS are busy places! Since our school year started, students in grades K-7 have been busy learning much and developing their fundamentals! They have learned many new techniques and music. Our violinists in grades one and two have accomplished so much! They are attentive, and always hard working! Kudos to you! Our instrumentalists in grades 3-7 are dedicated to improving every day!

If you have not yet visited your child’s classroom, it is time to do so! Remember, our music students best progress with supportive home practice. Any adult in the child’s life is eligible to visit and satisfy the visitation requirement, be sure to sign in the music book in the front office when you do visit!

Concert season starts soon! We have a recital on November 19th, and Snow Show concerts will begin December 8th. See our website for a complete listing!

Mr. Fernandez, Ms. Kukieza, Mrs. Cerge, Mr. Cooper


In the dance room we have been exploring the element of dance “Space.” Kindergartners have been using their imagination to create shapes with their bodies and move in lots of different directions to express the ideas in creative movement stories. In First Grade, students have learned to travel through the general space of the room without popping their personal space bubbles. Second graders have become experts in creating statue shapes and using action words to change levels. In the upper grades, students have used their understanding of space to choreograph their own dances inspired by dance maps.

Mrs. Foster

Physical Education & Wellness

Ahhh, Fall, the Physical Education classes are loving these 85' temperatures. This is ideal weather for a brisk walk/run around our fabulous quarter mile "Heart Trail". Our goal is to finish one mile in less than 15 minutes. How about a family walk around the block?!

Our focus this month is to assess our overall fitness levels. We are taking the Presidential Fitness Challenge to help us evaluate our strength, flexibility and endurance. We want to maintain or improve our healthy lifestyle. That includes good eating habits, as well as, exercise. Remember our motto: The Only Thing That Really Matters Is Your Health.

Catching and throwing, with proper technique, are the skills we will concentrate on. The students will practice overhand, underhand and sidearm throws using frisbees, bean bags, whiffle balls, tennis balls and footballs. Always great fun in P.E. as we move to the beat at TCS,

I care about your wellness,

Mrs. Cavanah

TCS Athletics

TCS’s first year of competitive Middle School athletics started with a successful Boys’ Baseball season. With Coach Elizondo’s guidance and tutelage our boys (and girl) team improved drastically from practice starting in August to winning their final game on October 14th. Overall the baseball team was able to win 3 games in their very first season cultivating with a big come from behind win in their final game vs. Bear Lakes Middle School. The Dolphins were down 6-3 after 3 innings and then 7-6 entering the bottom of the final inning. They would complete the comeback and win 13-7! We look forward to another successful year next season. Congratulations to the team and Coach Elizondo!

Upcoming Athletics: Girls Volleyball tryouts began October 21st. Stay tune for game schedule for volleyball. Boys’ intramural soccer begins November 2nd.

Mr. Schuemann

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Grade Level News


Pre-k is the place to be! Our literacy focus has been on emergent story book read alouds. Your child may tell you, "I can read that book" because he has heard it over and over again. And guess what? He CAN read that book! Through multiple readings, the child realizes the pictures tell a story. Children begin to understand the difference between the pictures and the words on the page. Your child begins to understand that we read the page on the left side first and that print also runs left to right. When your child reads, he will change the intonation of his voice to match it to what is happening in the story. It is typical to read an emergent story book for at least a week. Students begin to join in as they become more familiar with the story over time. Just give your child a fake mustache and a few hats to put on his head. He will turn into the peddler in Caps for Sale. He will tell you what the peddler said. He WILL read the book to you! What a joyous moment---CELEBRATE!

Kindergarten / First Grade

K/1 B is deep into their expedition of the "World of Work." Students are exploring big ideas about community and economy through deep questioning and real-life experiences. Each classroom has followed their own authentic spark to a topic or career field, from architects to paleontologists, and dog trainers to world leaders. This focus on inquiry learning guides much of the work we do in our classrooms all day long. As readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists, we are learning to observe, to think, and to wonder about all of the things we care about. We are also becoming masters at sharing our learning with others, which makes it that much more our own! The next bend on our team's inquiry path will begin in the new trimester and will find us studying "People & Places." We can't wait to see what our small but mighty learners become passionate about next!

Mrs. Lusk, Mrs. Rickard, Ms. Frangiskakis, Ms. Klingler, Mrs. McIntyre, Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Kennedy

Kindergarten / First Grade

Through inquiry and exploration our students in K/1 A have demonstrated an understanding of forms of motion. Students identified locations where moving objects were visible. We brainstormed ways that things move. We even used a salad spinner and paints to create our ‘designs in motion’. We created movement through music and dance and wrote movement poems in our science journals.

Lots of ‘Geography Jabber’ going around! We’ve learned about the differences between maps and globes, cardinal directions, continents and oceans. We’ve sung catchy tunes and played instruments to help us connect what we’ve learned. Students are creating models and murals of landforms, the state of Florida with places of interest and using a variety of art materials. We are also making our own maps using a map key, symbols, and directions.

Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Joseph, Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Petteruti

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Second Grade

Never is a dull moment had in second grade! Our students have chosen their learning paths and the second grade teachers have been busy booking guest speakers, collecting books, and organizing experiences to keep the learning and passion alive. Within our inquiry learning we set off to explore the world of work. Some questions we had in mind were- Why do people work? How do people choose jobs? What jobs do people do? What do people do with the money they earn working? Once these questions were posed each class took a different path to learn these ideas. We have had some exciting guest speakers come visit our second grade classrooms. Our second graders have had the opportunities to work with local doctors, authors, police officers and shark divers. Within this work our students have had in depth and real experiences that have integrated standards from reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Your child just may have some new and interesting ideas about what they would like to be when they grow up!

Third Grade

In third grade reading, students have been ‘Exploring the World of Nonfiction’ by reading a variety of nonfiction texts. Throughout this work, students will learn strategies for finding and using information, such as key details, text features, and text structure, to deepen their understanding of the topic. They will also learn how to make inferences, summarize, and construct their own ideas about the author’s point of view. Since this work is done in their own books, transferring these skills is critical.

In third grade writing, students have been going through the writing process for an information piece. The students have chosen topics of expertise as well as topics of interest to research and write about. Using their own knowledge and additional resources, they will become experts on their topic and write an informative piece to share with their class.

Third Grade Mathematicians are growing by leaps and bounds! We just completed our unit on why we multiply and divide. They applied many different strategies to solve multiplication and division problems and even wrote some of our own.

We are still learning about fractions; unit fractions, fractions greater than one, identifying the numerator and denominator and what each of these numbers represent in a fraction. This week our students were able to identify fractions on a number line, make an area model and a number bond. After we learn all about fractions we will dive into the world of Area and Perimeter! We may even become architects and design our own dream house! Great things are happening in Third Grade!

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Fourth Grade

In fourth grade will be moving into informational writing where students will be able to examine a topic and convey information and ideas clearly. Students will decide quickly on a topic of personal expertise and teach others about that topic. We will study examples of various authors writing that demonstrates structural elements. In mathematics, we have been working diligently on multiplication and division skills. We will be preparing for Thanksgiving when we learn how to plan the meal including what to purchase and how much of it, the cost of the meal, and how long the food needs to cook. So many math skills are used in this fun, real world, problems solving task. We are getting hungry just thinking about it!

Fifth Grade

In Reading, we are focusing on growing big ideas about the characters in our class-read-alouds and independent books. We are using these ideas to come up with claims for our Opinion Writing. Our reading and writing units are so closely aligned right now, that sometimes we don’t realize when one subject ends and the other begins! In Science we just finished up our unit on Matter. We learned the different states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) as well as how to separate mixtures and solutions! Next we are learning about the different types of energy (thermal, chemical, electrical, etc.) In Math, we just finished our unit on division. This involved using a variety of strategies (partial quotients, area model, distributive property, standard algorithm) to solve problems with 1 and 2 digit divisors. Next up is working with decimals, which will include addition and multiplication!

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Middle Grades at TCS

Grade 6

In Math, we are working hard in our numbers operation unit. We are problem solving using all operations with both fractions and decimals! Be on the lookout in Google Classroom's for our weekly projects! In science, students have been learning about energy, motion, and force. Students observed energy by manipulating the starting point height of a pendulum to see how it affected the distance it moved an object. We are now learning about calculating and graphing speed of an object! In World History, we are integrating arts and inquiry to infer about ancient people. We studied ancient cave paintings and adapted them to reflect our current lives. Currently we are studying the civilization of Mesopotamia, exploring its structure, culture, and artwork. In Language Arts, we are exploring argumentative writing by incorporating classroom debates on big issues. We will continue to write about different topics through both informative and argumentative essays. We are still deeply invested in our class read-aloud, The Hunger Games, from which we pull our work in word study.

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Grade 7

In Science, we just completed learning about energy. The students created a roller coaster out of foam tubing and used marbles as the roller coaster car. They explored potential and kinetic energy through this activity. They recently took a test and the results were amazing!!! Currently the students are working in teams to create the best heat transfer presentation! In Math, we are working hard on projects to show our knowledge of all rational numbers. Now we are beginning into our ratios and proportional relationship unit, where we will start our work with constant rates of change on the graph. Be on the lookout in Google Classroom's for our weekly projects! In Civics, we are working extremely hard familiarizing ourselves with the foundations of our country’s government. We are using Google Classroom to explore the Age of the Enlightenment. There are also many new vocabulary terms we are learning to support both our Civics knowledge and our word work.In Language Arts, we are about to begin argumentative writing, exploring the various ways to respond to a prompt, activate prior knowledge, and use research to support our argument. Our class read-aloud, Divergent, has allowed us to take a deeper look at characters, and also integrate word study.

Gifted & Enrichment The Exploration Lab

Gifted Education in The Exploration Lab is off to a great start! Here’s what we’re exploring!

1st Grade: We are engineers; specifically studying flight and how planes work! We are also learning with robots, using Ozobots to explore computer programming.

2nd Grade: Our research has led us to careers involving animals, bringing us to study the work of zookeepers. We’re also wrapping up our ‘Taking a Walk in Our Shoes’ Expedition, a study in empathy.

Middle Grades – iSpace: We love Makey Makeys! We are using microcontrollers called Makey Makeys, allowing us to control keys on a computer. We’ve turned apples in Space Bars and played a cardboard harp! Wondering what we are talking about? Head to learn more!

Creativity takes courage!

Ms. Charlot

Parent's Corner

Reading at home can make a huge difference! Choose books that are at an appropriate reading level for your child. Use the five finger rule: Open the book to any page and ask your child to read. Put up a finger every time your child does not know a word. If you have put up more than 5 fingers before the end of the page, the book is too hard for your child.

To help at home with math, ask your child to explain what he or she learned in math class today. Letting children take the teacher role gives them the chance to practice new skills and to clarify their thinking on a lesson.

Mrs. Quinn

ESE Support

I am pleased to announce your ESE team for this school year: Ms. McCarthy, Ms. Quinn and Ms. Goedtl. Your wonderful ESE teachers, who may provide academic support in reading, math and writing, are always here to help. Ms. Wieseneck and Ms. Letellier are your amazing speech pathologists, providing speech and language services as needed.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please never hesitate to call me at (561) 494-1832. The ESE team is always here to help!

Mrs. Blumenfeld


Hello TCS Families, we are excited to say we’ve been working diligently at setting up TCS’s first PTO and we’re about to go live! Our goal is to provide volunteer support to TCS, organize events to encourage student and family involvement, and to raise funds for school staff appreciation events, and teacher and school needs. We will be meeting soon to discuss upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. At this time, all communications will be sent from our Yahoo email address. If you didn’t already sign up to be part of the PTO or just to volunteer, please email us at or send a note to our attention in your child’s homeroom folder. We look forward to being an integral part of TCS and hope that you’ll join us in our endeavors.

Please join us for our first PTO Meeting in the Cafeteria on Wednesday, November 4th at 6:15 p.m.!


April Stubbs

TCS PTO Vice President

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