The Weekly Growl

November 14 - 18, 2016

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This Week

Monday, November 14

  • Girls Basketball 7B/7A @ Cedar Valley
  • Girls Basketball 8B/8A vs. Cedar Valley

Tuesday, November 15

  • Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 16

  • Technology Refresh
  • 4:00 PLC Leads Meeting, Library

Thursday, November 17

  • 12:00, 1:30 PD With Tea, Library
  • Boys Basketball 7B/7A @ Cedar Valley
  • Boys Basketball 8B/8A vs. Cedar Valley
  • Orchestra Region Clinic and Concert

Friday, November 18

  • Wear Jeans With Hernandez Shirt
  • Orchestra Region Clinic and Concert

Saturday, November 19

  • Orchestra Region Clinic and Concert

Next Week

Monday, November 28

  • 5:30 Girls Basketball 7B/7A vs. Ridgeview
  • 5:30 Girls Basketball 8B/8A @ Ridgeview

Tuesday, November 29

  • 6:00 Popcorn With the Principal, Cafeteria

Wednesday, November 30

  • 5:30 Boys Basketball 7B/7A vs. Ridgeview
  • 5:30 Boys Basketball 8B/8a @ Ridgeview

Thursday, December 1

  • 5:30 7/8 Girls Basketball B Team Tournament Game vs. Ridgeview

Friday, December 2

  • Wear Jeans With Hernandez Shirt
  • Picture Retakes, All Grades
  • 3:30 Winter Dance

Saturday, December 3

  • Girls Basketball B Team Tourney

Upcoming Events

Nov. 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Holidays

Dec. 5 5:30 Girls Basketball 7B/7A @Canyon Vista

Dec. 5 5:30 Girls Basketball 8B/8A vs. Canyon Vista

Dec. 6 6:30 Orchestra Winter Concert

Dec. 7 BLT Meeting, Library

Dec. 7 5:30 Boys Basketball 7B/7A @ Canyon Vista

Dec. 7 5:30 Boys Basketball 8B/8A vs. Canyon Vista

Dec. 8 6:30 Girls Basketball Tourney Game 8A @ Walsh

Dec. 9 7:30 IB Learner Profile Award Ceremony, Lecture Hall

Dec. 9 Choir to Elementary Schools for Caroling

Dec. 10 7/8 A Team Girls Basketball RRISD Tournament

Dec. 13 PD Grant Writing, Library

Dec. 14 Orchestra Beginner Library Performance, Caroling

Dec. 14 Faculty Meeting, Cafeteria

Dec. 15 12:00, 1:30 PD With Tea, Library

Dec. 16 Student Holiday, Staff Work Day

Dec. 19 - 30 Winter Holidays

Jan. 2 Student Holiday, Staff Development

Shout out to Allison Lee, Ashley Harmon, and Katie Schultz for covering my classes while I was out sick! It is so great to work with a team of caring individuals :)!

- Briana Flores

Thank you to Anonymous. Your very thoughtful IB Character Trait Award really touched me. I definitely needed that.

-Sofie Vastano

Last week I had to leave early because I had dental surgery and was in too much pain to finish the day, Maribel Robinson was such a sweet and amazing nurse, Antonieta Rueda was super helpful with my lessons, Mrs. Flores were super helpful and encouraging. Mrs. Terry covered my class and saved me some pain! And one of our subs, Mr. Charles Lanier was my voice during 6th period.

- Norma Anima

To a fantastic TEAM member...ELOISA. Thank you for being a team player and always trying to help when you can. You are very informative which is key - COMMUNICATION! I appreciate that A LOT.

- Marbel Donosso

Teachers, thank you all for believing in our students, as a staff we have been through good times and bad times...but through it all you have never failed our students and that is an inspiring attribute. I admire you all and as a next year PTA member I can't imagine her having better teachers to teach her. I love you all & keep inspiring and fighting for our students, blessings Evelyn

Office Staff I love you ladies thank you all for the hard work dedication and loyalty.

Castilleja YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! the best IT around

- Evelyn Cubias

Kudos to Xochitl Swords for being so flexible, kind, and supportive! You are absolutely amazing!!

Kudos to Mariah Faust, Sarah Martinez, and Xochitl Swords on all of their hard work to make the musical a success!!

Kudos to Evelyn Cubias for being the kindest person I know. Thank you for all of your help these past few years. You rock!!

- Kera Blay

Kudos to Mariah Faust for organizing musical theater auditions for over 90 kids and helping it run so smoothly!!!

- Kera Blay, Sarah Martinez, and Xochitl Swords

Thank you to Briana Flores, Laura Terry, Ashley Harmon, and Cristy Crowder for coming to the Region Choir Concert! The students love seeing their teachers outside of school supporting them.

- Sarah Martinez

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the library's Thankfulness Display!

- Cherri Urban

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Pumi Masuku 2

Tulullah McKinley 8

J'me Washburn 8

Norma Anima 8

Ashley Harmon 14

Turmaine Rice 17

Jean Sarre 26

Alicia Ontiveros 26

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