Social Networking

Safe or not?

Basic information

Social Networking can be fun if you use it properly. On social networking information can easily be used for other reasons besides telling about yourself. To protect yourself, set your profile as private or use false and blank information. Also, never post things that could get you in trouble.

The main ones

The top ten Social Networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Hi5, Skyrock, Friendster,, Orkut, and MySpace.


There were about 1.43 billion social network users in 2012, a 19.2% increase from 2011. 65% of americans that use computers used social networking sites, Sixty-one% of adults under 30 use a social networking site at least once a day, while usage among 50-64 year olds is estamated at 32% in 2012. 96% of companies use social networking to make financial gains. Last year, on Facebook there were 845 million users. Twitter is expected to quadrupal Facebooks members in the comming years.