Jacob's Rescue



Jacob was a very wealthy boy before World War 2, his mother died when he was very young. His father abandoned him right after that leaving Jacob on his own. Jacob was taken in by a Polish family (the Roslan's) to escape from the concentration camp and death. Jacob was very greatly appreciative of everything the Roslan's did for him.

Mela was a young Polish mother who took in 3 Jewish siblings and became a mother figure for them. She respected their religion and encouraged them to keep practicing. She knew the risks involved by sheltering these 3 siblings yet she did it with a great welcoming and warm heart. At the end of war, she was rewarded by having saved a life of a human being.

Alex was a very understanding and courageous man but at the same time his resources was very limited. Despite of that, he helped one person at a time. Every person he was able to take in received the greatest help Alex could ever offer.


In the book Jacob's rescue, A little boy Jacob amd his two brother Sholom and David were three little Jewish boys were abandoned by their father and their mother had died when they were all at very young ages. They had to survive during the war on their own without any help. A nice man that went by Staesk found the three boys a young couple, The roslan's, that offered to tak in the boys until the war was over and all concentration camps were liberated. They took those boys in one by througtout three years. Once they took Jacob in they did a very good job of hidding him. They also got him medical attention, he could roam around the house when guests weren't there, and he was treated with love and respect. While the Roslan's were hiding Jacob he was almost discovered by a little boy that came to visit. The Polish police showed up shortly afteer the little boy had left and the police had suspision. They said that they were notified that they had been hiding a jew. Mela's brother covinced the police that the Roslan's were very good pepole and they would never break the law. So the Polish police left believing her brother's story. They had to move to a new home because Alex sold the aparment to a man so he could get money to get Jacob back to the hospital because he has been getting worse. Sholom had been living with them for a litle during this time but saaly he past away. As Alex told Mela she got really upset and threathened to tell the German's about Jacob while she was upset. when Mela returned to the house she hugged Jacob and apologized for her actions. At their new home they saw a ghetto being burned on fire and it broke their hearts. David had showed up at their door and wanted to go outside even thoug Jacob said it wouldn't be smart. BUt David insisted on going out anyway and sadly as he walked out of the Roslan's he got shot and died quickly. they ended up moving to a safer place by foot to Mela's brothers house. Soon after they settled in, early in the morning their was a knock on the door letting the Roslan's know that the jewish people and all of Poland would now be free.

What they did....

The Roslan's deserve the rightous among nations award for 3 reasons:

1-They sheltered a Jew

2- They Temporarily adopted Jewish Children

3-They put their family at risk


"We'll go home soon. But this is a nice place. No one is going to make you sleep with animals here." pg:49

This quote really stood out of me becaise it is a great way of showing that no matter who you are, you can always bring the happiness out of somone who is going through an unexplainably rough time. Also that the Roslan's were more than hero's and parents to these young boys.


I strongly believe that this is a really good example that their is always goodness in people. Also that the Roslan's should never be forgotten for their amazing act of kindness and deserved all the respect in the world for what thye did for those young boys who needed help when they were helpless.