Illinois Attorney General

By: Emily Leavy, Sona Welch, and Marissa Orland

What is an Attorney General?

The Attorney General is the state's chief legal officer and is responsible for protecting the public interest of the state and its people.

The job of the Attorney General is to:

Advocate on behalf of all of the people of Illinois;

Legislate with members of the General Assembly for new laws; and

Litigate to ensure state laws are followed and respected.

Facts You Should Know

Protecting Consumers

Protecting consumers and businesses that have been victimized by fraud, deception or unfair competition is one of the primary functions of the Attorney General. The office receives approximately 25,000 consumer complaints each year, most commonly concerning motor vehicles and home repair.

Advocating for Women

The Attorney General advocates for an end to domestic violence and sexual assault, offers numerous services to victims of violent crime, and awards grants to domestic violence and sexual assault service providers throughout Illinois.

Keeping Communities Safe

The Attorney General works with law enforcement agencies at the state and local level to keep families and children safe in their communities from dangers ranging from sex offenders to methamphetamine.

Advocating for Older Citizens

The Attorney General works to protect the rights and safety of Illinois' older citizens, who are often targeted by scam artists and abusers. The office is equipped to respond to the special needs of older citizens, including those related to consumer fraud, abuse and neglect, financial exploitation, veterans' rights and health care concerns.

Safeguarding Children

Keeping children safe and healthy is a priority of the Attorney General. The office works on many fronts to reduce sexual assault, advocate for after school and community safety programs, and educate children and parents on various safety issues, including Internet safety and teen dating violence.

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