First Trimester of pregnancy

weeks 0-13

Mom: what to expect

You'll began to feel alot more moody when you become 4 weeks or later. Your hormones will start to fluctuate. After you realzie your pregnate and your body starts to change, you may become more happy and entergetic. though happy you may suffer from consitpation while your body adjusts. You may slowly lose your appetite.

Baby: what to expect.

The nose, mouth, and eaars will begin to show. The babies head will be oversized and has a dark spot where the eyes are begining to form. Blood begins to flow through the body. The hands will begin to form, and the baby will start to softly move around.

Second Trimester of Pregnacy (Weeks 14-27)

Mom: What to expect.

At this time you will begin to get your appetite back. Your belly will start to get bigger, and this will require maternity clothes. Your cardiovascular system undergoes a dramatic change. By 20 weeks you will have gained 10lbs.

Baby: What to expect.

The baby can begin to smile, frown, grasp. it'll begin to move around alot more, kicking the lining of the stomach. At 24 weeks the brain will run quickly, allowing the taste buds to form. At 27 weeks the babies eye lids, lips and eyes look more distinct.

Third Trimester of Pregnacy (weeks 28 - 41)

Mom: what to expect.

You are in the finaly stage, and begin to have regular doctor visits. When the last couple weeks creep up, you will be tested for every STD to insure the baby will be safe. You will be put through a 3hr glucose test

Baby: what to expect.

The baby will be 2 1/2 lbs at the beggining of this trimester. It'll be able to move its full body and blink. The nerves will begin to develop.