shinshiNEWS # 7

יום שישי 8 אפריל 2016 , Friday, April 8

D'var Israel

We wanted to share a D'var Israel that we delivered last Shabbat at Adath Israel's special Shabbat CHAT for the CHAT students at the synagogue

Next teen kiddush - April 9 (this upcoming shabbat)

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The song of the week - שיר השבוע

On The Coast Road - Static / על כביש החוף - סטטיק ובן אל תבורי

LYRICS: Liraz Roso and Ben El Tavori

MUSIC: Liraz Roso and Ben El Tavori

סטטיק ובן אל תבורי - כביש החוף | (Prod. by Jordi)

Cafe Shinshinim #6

Amazing Cafe Shinshinim night this past Sunday!

Talking about the differences between the Canadian Remembrance Day and the Israeli Yom Hazikaron and getting ready for our two spacial Cafe Shinshinim meetings next month:

May 2 - "Zikaron Basalon" (remember together) for the memorial day for the holocaust

May 9 - Special Cafe Shinshinim for the memorial day for the Israeli soldiers

Thank you for coming! It was a great night!

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This week we took part in Zimriah! We had an awesome time with our Shinshinim friends performing songs in Hebrew

Zimria - Shinshinim Toronto 2016


This week we had the opportunity to volunteer at Reena with all the other Shinshinim.

Reena promotes dignity, individuality, independence, personal growth and community inclusion for people with developmental disabilities within a framework of Jewish culture and values .

We all had the opportunity to go into the Reena's classrooms and see how this institution works. At the end of our visit we all made bags for Save a Child's Heart and sang Israeli songs together

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Making food Passover food packages with Adath Israel Youth and AHS Danilack students

Making Passover food packages for the less fortunate at the National Council of Jewish Women in Canada (NCJWC) with the Adath Israel teens and Associated Danilack Mentor and Mentee Students!

We had a really great experience with you all volunteering and helping others!

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On Monday we were invited to speak at a Na'amat Canada meeting.

Na'amat Canada is a worldwide women’s movement whose ideological roots lie with the founding women of the State of Israel and their vision for social justice and equality.

The women listened to us talk about our process in getting into this year of service, the Shinshinim program , our feelings about going into the IDF and much more.

Thank you so much to Na'amat for hosting us and sharing your thoughts and feeling on our Shnat Sherut and on Israel!

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Omer's Butterflies

Following our last program about Good Deed’s Day at AHS Danilack, we decided to talk about another Israeli project called-Omer’s Butterflies.

Omer Shemesh was a young Israeli woman who decided to go on a big trip to Nepal after her army service. Her bus tragically tipped over a cliff and unfortunately she died in this accident.

Omer loved butterflies and even had a butterfly tattoo on her back with the saying “Butterflies are forever”.

After her death, her friends started painting butterflies all around the world in her memory.

Omer was also known for small acts of kindness she did for others. Her parents felt that Omer was a gift from God and that they needed to share this gift with the rest of the world. They began an organization called Omer's Butterflies. They created bracelets with the saying “butterflies are forever” on it and gave it to people. The idea behind these bracelets is that the person with the bracelet will do something good for someone else and give him their bracelet. By doing so, the hope is that acts of kindness would be passed on to others.

This week in our Judaic classes, we talked about qualities we think the “ideal” person possesses. We learned about Omer and her way of doing good for others . We also learned about Omer’s Butterflies project and our hope is that each one of the students will take this project and apply it their own personal lives and spread the butterflies.

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Recipe of the week - מתכון השבוע

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After a special request we decided to bring last weeks recipe in a gluten and dairy free version! if you have any requests let us know!

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Upcoming Events

Cafe Shinshinim #7 - Zicaron BaSalon

Monday, May 2nd, 7:30pm

134 Kilbarry Road

Toronto, ON

Come join us for the first Zikaron (Rememberance) Cafe Shinhinim special event for the Holocaust Memorial day

Cafe Shinshinim #8 - ( Remembering Togerher ) - זוכרים ביחד

Monday, May 9th, 7:30-8:30pm

37 Southbourne Avenue

Toronto, ON

Come join us for the second Zikaron (Rememberance) Cafe Shinhinim special event for the Israeli soldiers


This week at BBYO we participated in the Election Workshops at the Prosserman JCC. Great to see how you are getting ready for the Chapter and regional elections.

Can't wait to see Exodus and Chaverot next week!

The video of the week

Becoming a combat soldier in 90 seconds #IDFStyle

Lee and Sarah Shinshiniot

We're Sarah and Lee and we're the ShinShiniot for Adath Israel, Danilack and BBYO in Toronto, ON 2015-2016!
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