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What is cabling?

Cabling is the foundation of your network, it is the medium that connects all your computers and servers together and is probably one of the most important and often overlooked items in business networks. The process begins by installing a twisted pair cable made up of twisted wires surrounded by a protective jacket to connect data lines to a computer or other network component.

Anatomy of a typical office cabling installation:

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The cable begins its run from the central termination point or MDF (Main Distribution Frame) and extends through the building to an outlet.

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The outlet is terminated with a keystone jack (RJ-45 jack) rated for the type of cable you are using.

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A patch cable is then used to connect the RJ-45 workstation area outlet (WAO) to a computer or other device network capable device like an VOIP enabled phone.

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In the server room, MDF, or telcom closet, cables are terminated on a patch panel and the corresponding numbers will be aligned to ensure easy identification. A floor or wall mounted rack (typically 19 wide) may be used to house the patch panel depending on the rooms design and space requirements.

Digital TV Antenna Services

Finally, cable testing will be done to guarantee everything is in working order, and certification testing may also be done to ensure compliance with industry standards Once your office is properly cabled, efficiency is sure to increase and any additions or changes to the cabling system will be easy to accomplish. So how do you get started? There are several variables that must be considered before you begin. The first is what type of cable will be used. There are various cable typesand using the correct one is critical. As technology advances, cable protocols are becoming faster and better.

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