Join the Neolithic Revolution


The reason

The reason why we want people to farm is because it will help you instead of risking your life to hunt animals when it is right there to eat and plus it is healthy.Mostly everyone in the whole world loves vegtables and fruits why not start today?
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People say that “farming is a waste of time” it is but it will come in handy sometime.This can make you think will this help me or my family the answer is yes because it will make your family have nice things.This may help you help the Earth to have better soil than it has now so make it green!
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Early years

In the picture you see people collecting wheat so the photo looks old so, farming was part of early humans that is why they have old native american clothes did you know? That native americans were the people that ate lots of fruits and vegtables?
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Change your life

Why not farm you gonna stay inside and waste your life on tv,video games,be lazy and eat junk food.If I were you I woud not just stay in side all day I would plant food to make me more active instead of eating junk food.