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John Calvin was born in France in 1509. He was a theologian/ecclesiastical statesman and Martin Luthers successor. He was a pastor during the protestant time and was a key figure in the development of Christianity. He originally studied as a humanist lawyer but then broke from the Roman Catholic Church in 1530. (


Calvin started as a humanist lawyer and also wrote his first book a commentary on De Clementia. Then in 1536 he published the first edition of his most famous book, Institutes of the Christian Religion. Then published Commontaries on Roman and marrired idelette de bure in 1540. In 1559 he establishes the University of Geniva and publishes final edition of the Insitutes. 1n 1564 he gave his last sermon before dying on may 27th. (
John Calvin Biography

Impacts on society

No man has greater impact on the protestant church than Calvin. He was well known and well respected by his followers. They all follow his word by his volumes of "the Institutes of Christianity" (

5 Interesting Facts

  • His wife and him tried to have a baby but it died at birth
  • He went to the college de la marche
  • He was exiled from Greece
  • He was the son of a lawyer
  • He secured himself a small chaplaincy at a cathedral in france