Kelp Forests

Leavell Allen

Well, lets first start off by saying that this is a wonderful location. well will be traveling to all of the following places:

  • Southern California
  • Channel Islands
  • Southern Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Coast of South America
  • North-East Asia
  • Sub Antarcic Islands.
  • Alaska
The averages are

Tempeture: 42oF -> 70oF




you will need to bring the following: swimwear, clothing, possibly a camera if you want, sunscreen.

you will find the following organisms in the kelp forests: sea stars, anemones, crabs, jellyfish, bristle worms, scud, prawn, snails, brittle stars.

You will find the following organisms that eat the kelp forest organisms:. Gulls, terns, egrets, great blue herons, and cormorants dine.

All About science: Currents will sometimes affect the organisms depending on if its low tide or not. The main invasive species is sea urchins. The only resource used is the kelp. Humans imoact the kelp forests by using to much kelp. In order to pretect kelp forests, we must not over use the kelp.