May 2022 Newsletter

May 31, 2022

STUCO Gold Honor Council

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Congratulations to our MMS STUCO for receiving the STUCO Gold Honor Council Award! The Honor Council Award is the highest honor that the Missouri Association of Student Councils bestows upon one of its members. The GOLD LEVEL schools have met 15 or more criteria requirements. This award was established to recognize councils with a comprehensive Student Council program that promotes activities and student leadership.

MMS STUCO earned GOLD Level through their participation in various activities such as:

  • Hosting glove/hat/scarf drives for the homeless
  • Helped LIFE360 with their clothing closet organization
  • Held Penny Wars to raise money for Down Syndrome
  • Raised money to purchase Christmas gifts for families,
  • Held two dances,
  • Had many spirit weeks, pep assemblies
  • Helped with the overall culture of the school

They also hold a democratic process for the elections of student council members and hold meetings that follow the rules and regulations of the state student council.

Teachers: Ms. Barker & Ms. Russell

Certificate of Merit Awards

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Congratulations to Adri Whisinhunt and Emma Hensly for receiving a Certificate of Merit for their art accomplishments this school year!

  • Adri Whisinhunt 2022 Best of Show for Artwork
  • Emma Hensley 2022 Missouri State Senate Exhibit Award

Teacher: Mrs. Leeper

Reading and Writing Award

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Congratulations to the students pictured above for their accomplishments and growth in reading and writing.

Teachers: Mrs. Smith, Ms. Forrest, Mrs. Hightower, Ms. Dogero, Mrs. Rakoski, Mrs. Eaton

Years of Service in the District

5 Years

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Front Row: Rachel Braden (MIS Teacher), Andrew Brown (CPE Teacher), Melissa Creed (RTI Coordinator), Jennifer Pendergraft (MMS Teacher), Brianna Russell (MMS Teacher), Donna Ridinger (MES Teacher)

Back Row: Rebecca Land (MMS Teacher), James Fitzgearlds (MHS Teacher), Curtis Piepenbrink (MIS Teacher), David Saunders (SRTC Teacher), Kayla Roderman (Early Childhood Director)

Not Pictured: Stephanie Heman, Jana Hightower

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Left to Right: Marenda Henson (CPE Para), Michael Moody (Maintenance), Victoria Johnson (Tech Support), Cassie Schweitzer (MHS Para), Sally Htoo (MES Para), Tiffany Wright (MES Para), Candi Kimzi (MMS Para)

Not Present: Rebecca Anderson (MIS Para), Matt Houck (MRLC Care Coordinator), Shelly Leonard (MIS Para)

10 Years

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Left to Right: Kaylie Allen (CPE Teacher), Aaron Obermann (SRTC Instructor), Jason Smith (SRTC Instructor), Philip Soule (MMS/MHS Band Teacher)

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Ana Espinoza (Director of Communications) & Stephen McMillin (Systems Administrator)

Not Pictured: Kelly Hilton

15 Years

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Sarah Gripka (MES Music Teacher) & Chris Lee (SRTC Instructor)

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Mindy Rosenbalm (MHS Kitchen Staff)

Not Pictured: Missy Caldwell, Diana Nelson

20 Years

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Left to Right: Amber Bledsoe (MMS/MHS Teacher), Stacey Frieze (CPE Teacher) Peg Winfrey (MIS Principal)
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Janet Razlaff 25 Years (MHS Custodian) & Gale Boyd 20 Years (CPE Kitchen Staff)

Not Pictured: Sabrina Horton

Longest Serving Educator

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Deb Wycuff

MES Assistant Principal

31 Years

Longest Serving Staff Member

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Susan Norris

MIS Administrative Assistant

33 Years

Teacher of the Year & Support Staff of the Year








2021-2022 District Teacher of the Year

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Christy Osborne

CPE Teacher

2020-2021 District Teacher of the Year

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Melissa Powers

MHS Teacher


We have several job openings. If you are interested in joining the Monett Schools team, follow the link below to see a list of open positions and requirements.

We are looking to fill Daycare positions and many other open positions in the district.

Careers and Requirements

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