How Flight takes Place:


View the website below and develop an understanding of what aerodynamic is and how it affects the flight of a plane, and drives the mechanics of flight. Add some research notes into your design of the plane and your scetches.
Mr. Hayes' Weather Series: Calculating Wind Speed

FLOW [Design, Motion, Flow] Applications

Once we get these loaded onto the iPad carts we will plug our design into and experiment with the plane.

Flow Simulation "AutoDesk"

Attempt to create a FLOW simulation with Autodesk to simulate the flow of air over your wings of your plane. Show me you simulation once you create it, you might have to watch some tutorials to complete this task.

Wind Tunnel Lab

You will build your own wind tunnel and see if your preliminary findings agree with what you discover in the wind tunnel.

Anemometer Lab

We will build our own Anemometer to test wind speeds.

James Holloway M.Ed.

Science Instructor (Physics/AP Physics 1/Engineering)

Frenship High School