December 2022

What a Month of Energy and Excitement!

Happy Holidays to Everyone

December is packed with holidays and celebrations. Let's look back at some of the things that happened in December, and as 2022 comes to a close, we look forward to new and exciting adventures in 2023.

Celebrating Holidays Around the World

During December, we celebrated Holidays Around the World. As part of our celebration, many parents came to school on December 16th to share their culture and tradition with our students.

Hall of Fame Moments From the Teacher Winter Celebration

The Tree of Kindness

If a student is seen doing an act of kindness, their name, plus what they did, is submitted into our kindness box. The following day, the student is presented with a kindness sticker during breakfast. Their name is also added as a new branch to the Tree of Kindness.

New York State Mentoring Program

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The mentoring program provides students with the knowledge and skills to be a successful leader, role model, and mentor to younger students. The student council will be going into classrooms, leading students in fun activities that promote leadership and social and emotional learning skills.

Reading Unlocks a World of Opportunities

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After FUNdations, students get a chance to select something to read from the digital library.

Student Council Hands Out Books

And speaking of reading, each student at P224Q was given a book to take home. Looks like a lot of joy and excitement.

Level III Celebration

All students who received their level III achievement were given a special celebration in the gym. To obtain Level III status, a student must earn 67 points or more for three straight weeks.
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Noah explains to our assistance principal, Ms. Podolsky, what it means to be a Level III student.