Library Lookout

September 16, 2016

MAP Testing Makeups

You did a great job getting as many students as possible to finish! Thank you!

Students who still need to makeup tests should come to the lab (no iPad needed) on Monday, September 19 from 9:15 am - 11 am.

If more time is needed, Natalie will send them back to class with a post-it note with a follow-up time.

Typing Agent

Your students are now assigned to your classroom.

  • for grades 2-5
  • student usernames and passwords are same as Google
  • teacher username=your email
    teacher password=skokie68 (unless you've changed it)
  • access through the "For Students" section of the Highland website
  • students are encouraged to use an actual keyboard for practice
    Remember, iPad keyboards are available for checkout using the "Keyboard" Google calendar! Just be sure you're saying how many you need AND returning them at the end of your reserved time. We have a total of 75 keyboards.

Pear Printer

The pear printer has been automatically trying to print things double-sided which pauses other jobs from printing.

If you get a prompt on your computer OR printer after printing to pear, please go to the printer and click OK on the printer screen. IGNORE what it says about feeding the same papers through. Instead, feed plain paper into Tray 1 (right side of printer). We will try to keep that tray stocked.

We're trying to come up with a better fix for the future.

Setting Up iPads

Students in grades 3-5

  • bookmarked and saved Highland website to home screen
  • bookmarked and saved Library website to home screen
  • Signed into Destiny Quest
  • Signed into Google from Safari

If you have students who were absent, please have them follow the directions attached.

Outlaw I'm Done

I know many of you have already done this, but I really liked this article about how and why it's important to discourage your students from saying "I'm done."

Read the article at