Rippon Middle School Tie Drive

March 2018

Getting Ready for Professional Day 2018

Ryan Pelkey's Rippon Middle School Tie Drive 2018

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Mr. Pelkey's Vision to see all of our young men wear a tie for Professional Day 2018

Rippon Middle School teacher collects nearly 900 ties to prepare for professional day.

Rippon Middle School physical education and health teacher, Ryan Pelkey, has gathered nearly 900 ties, which will easily provide every boy with a tie in time for the school’s first professional day on April 12.

What was it all about, Mr. Pelkey??

“I wanted to create a program that would celebrate students at our school,” he said.

“Our girls seem to find days that they dress up and they look great. The boys have struggled at various times. In year’s past, I have brought in my own ties, or just let it go. That must change, and we have to expect more to get more from our students.”

Pelkey said that he hopes the neckties will help the boys feel confident in themselves, especially while taking the Standards of Learning tests. He would also like the boys to take the ties home and wear them for other special occasions.

Pelkey added that he is plotting the origins of ties on a US map.

“I want students to see that people from all over the United States care,” he said.

“Most of the ties are from former teachers, guidance counselors, friends and neighbors I have met along the way.”

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Counting the Ties!

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Tweeting for Ties!

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Mr. Pelkey has used social media to advance his efforts, and Woodbridge High School and Mt. Zion Church in Woodbridge, as well as donations from schools around the United States have joined him in spreading the word and gathering the donated ties. He is also teaching the boys how to tie the neck wear.

Mr. Pelkey said he hopes the tie drive will lead to something bigger in the future.

“I would like to initiate a leadership conference for young men and invite community members to teach students about professionalism, civic duty, job interview skills and how to act, dress and be a better member of their school and community,” he said.

Rippon Middle School made the news! NBC 4 morning news with Molette Green.

Calling all Parents/Guardians/Grandparents! We need your help!

Here is a sign up genius to share with parents, guardians and grandparents would be willing to come in and help tie ties on April 12th.