Early President's Challenges

George Washington's Difficulties

George Washington was unanimously elected president in 1789. Being the first president of the United states he had some difficult challenges to face. One of George's challenges was the France and England war. He had to chose what side to be on. Another is that George Washington's army disbanded because they didn't have enough money and it took away their liberty. George Washington being the First President of the United States, and not wanting to be, had many challenges, problems to solve and brainstorming to do.

John Adams Difficulties

John Adams

John Adams was the 2nd president of the United States. He was elected president in 1801. He wasn't president for long. John didn't work well with other countries. Being after the almighty president George Washington, John was expected to be as good as George. Another difficulty he had was alliance problems between France, Britain and the United States.

Thomas Jefferson's

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president. He was elected president in 1804. Some things he faced were the Indians and how they were moving onto their land. Jefferson came up with a solution called the Embargo act. The Embargo act stopped trading which let France and Britain leave American ships alone. It helped for only a little though because in 1809 they repealed the act.

Presidents During the Early Years

These are just a few examples of presidents in the early years and the challenges they had to face. It was harder for presidents in the early years in the Untied States because for one the United States was just becoming a nation. The presidents were going in blind mostly. Some things they for sure knew was that the United States was NOT going to be like Great Britain and there was NOT going to be a King. They were the ones that had to come up with laws that both let the people have freedom and liberty but also make sure everyone and everything stays in line. Another difficulty was that they had to fix some after effects of the Revolutionary war. They were the ones to help build a nation with freedom, liberty, laws, and rights. The presidents in the early years helped the United States more then ever. They helped create a strong and independent nation.