Unique and Sophisticated

The Basics

Uruguay is located in South America. It borders the South Atlantic Ocean, and is between Argentina and Brazil. Uruguay is considered a humid subtropical climate, meaning it has year-around precipitation with mild winters and hot summers. Weather consists of average high temperatures of 76 to 80 degrees in the summer and average high temperatures of 57 degrees in the winter. Low temperatures in winter rarely dip to freezing. Uruguay is made up of rolling plains and low hills with fertile coastal lowlands.

How to Fit In


Uruguay is divided into different political parties. There is a centrist Colorado party and the Blanco/Nacional party which is strongly found in rural areas. Another cultural group of people in Uruguay are the Gauchos. They are cowboys who live in the rural areas of Uruguay.

Culture Diffusion

There is a strong European influence on fashion in Uruguay. There is a Creole influence present in music from the slaves brought from Africa years ago, and the Guachos have influenced art and folklore. Immigrants from Italy introduced pasta into the Uruguayans' diet.

Culture Landscape

Soccer is the national sport in Uruguay. Beef is the most important food in the Uruguayans' diet. Upper and middle class people care a lot about the way they dress and tend to dress like Europeans. The rural people dress more like Gauchos, wearing ponchos, hats, and traditional trousers. Car ownership is considered a social class symbol. Buses, mini buses, taxis, and occasionally trains are common means of transportation.

Culture Change

After 1985, Uruguay was able to establish a democracy after going through a military dictatorship. Since the election of 2009, many laws have changed: in 2012, abortions became legal. In 2013, same sex marriages were legalized, and in 2014, marijuana was legalized.