History Of Fonts

By Xander Golden


Castellar is in the Castellar family. It is pattered after the Roman carved letters that were dedicated to Ceaser Augustus. They look as if they were carved from wood. It is an all capital font with a tilting face and shaded look. It is also a monotype font and an ornamental font. It was made by The Monotype Corporation and is used for flyers and posters
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Freestyle Script

Freestyle Script is in the Freestyle family. It is a Script font and a monotype font. It is patterned in a way that suggest it was written by hand using a brush. It was and is still used as a way to invite someone to or announce a formal event such as a wedding or ball. This font was designed by Martin Wait.
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Times New Roman

Times New Roman is in the Times family. It is a Sans Serif font and is a monotype font. It was originally created by Stanley Morison for the Times of London in 1929. It is a professional style but also a casual look. It looks like it could be stamped onto the paper using a printing press. It is used by most newspapers and many other normal papers.
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