Ms. Stilwell's Weekly Update...

What To Expect This Week in The Keller EI Program

Important Dates To Remember....

10/14 - LATE START!! School starts at 9:25am

10/16 - College Wear Day! Have your child wear their FAVORITE college gear to school

10/19-10/23 - Scholastic Book Fair @ Keller Elementary (3:30-4:30pm nightly)

10/21 - LATE START!!! School starts at 9:25am

Fact vs. Legend - Explorations in Reading

Using Literary Classics to Determine Fact vs. Fiction

We began exploring the idea of Fact vs. Legend with the celebration of Johnny Appleseed day. Now, as we approach Halloween, we will be delving into the Washington Irving classic "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" to continue this reading/comprehension unit. In doing so, we will be hitting some of the Common Core Standards in Literacy, focusing on Key Ideas and Details (ccss.ela-literacy.rl.2.2, 3.2, 4.2, 4.3). The students are really grasping the concept well, and are very excited to continue our work with this fun Halloween classic.
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Welcome To Keller Ms. Mo!!!

Please help me welcome Ms. Maureen Dibner to our program. "Ms. Mo" as the kiddos like to call her, comes to us with many years of experience working in an early childhood ASD Program. She has acclimated very well to our classroom, and the kids love working with her.

This Month's Learner Profile - COMMUNICATORS

As COMMUNICATORS, we share our ideas in an effective and respectful manner. Here in the Keller EI Program we highly emphasize the need for effective communication no matter where you are in the building.