my original poems

from my mind

over the weekend

i played dying light

co-op on ps4

in a stunning

1080p 60fps

in a online lobby

with my cousin and friends

running scouting and fighting

for survival till dawn


gaming is a free world

all are equal and

everyone is a boss

in charge of themselves


or just for fun

optic vs faze or

you vs a friend

gaming is for everyone

from the stay home lazy

to the working man that plays for a hour

everyone is welcome

ode to color

oh color how beautiful it is

i could not help but to make this

its bright and vivid but all i can say

i really don't want to present this today

elegy to cookie

oh goodbye cookie

how sweet it taste

i'd make more but

they would be like paste

how sweet you

with chocolate chips

now i miss it

just a lil bit

oh farewell cookie

how im filled with sorrow

oh well

ill get more tomorrow

nature in the mojave

plants bloom all around me

birds nice soft voice talking to me

fresh and deceased plants

fresh and easy fruit straight from the roots

its like nature will never let me go


life is like an ocean

fill with waves that can knock you down

will you get up

or just stay on the ground