Nick's Chapter 22 Goals

Explain Theodore Roosevelt’s reforms and the impact of the Progressive movement.

Roosevelt's reforms helped helped immigrants lead a better life than try to change them, fought against racial discrimination, and politically they passed laws for citizens to have more say in government matters.

Describe how America expanded in the Pacific and became a stronger nation.

America made Hawaii a part of its territory thereby increasing its trade with the Far North.

Explain the outcome of the Spanish-American War.

The outcome of the Spanish-American War was:

The United States ratified a treaty with Spain to give Cuba its independence and obtained obtained Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.

The people of the Philippines didn't want to belong to the United States so they declared their independence. The U.S. sent an army to stop the independence movement and beat the Philippines after three years of fighting.

The Phillipines provided the United States with a valuable naval base in Asia.

Identify the reasons for the Spanish-American War.

The reasons for the Spanish-American War were:

People in Cuba were being treated unfairly by the Spanish Government.

There were Americans and American businesses in Cuba.

The President sent the USS Maine to Cuba.

The USS Maine exploded and the Americans declared war.

President McKinley offered to buy Cuba from Spain, but Spain said no.