Healthy relationships

Healthy relationships makes your life better!

How to have a healthy relationship?

Trust your partner, don't yell at him/her. Don't ever put pressure and hurt the other person. Don't act mean and be nice.

Be nice to your partner!

Boys, this means that even if it's the girl's fault to make up a conflict or some sort, you gotta say SORRY! Most of the time, you gotta start talk first boys (but if your partner does, be happy because that person really want a healthy relationship with you).

Always trust your partner!

Whenever the other person goes somewhere at night, or you need help with something. Rely on your partner. Never underestimate what the other person is capable of. If you do it, the other person can be hurt mentally.

How to know that you are having a healthy relationship?

You and your partner care for each other. You feel happy, comfortable when you are around with him/her.

But... How does healthy relationships makes your life better?

Whenever you are with the other person, you will feel comfortable and free. He/She will be there for you, which help you to release stress and feel better mentally. Or even physically by giving each other presents.