Harlandale ISD Counselors

December 6, 2021 Volume 5

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Covid Testing for Students& Staff

Vaccine Location Search

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Holiday Break and other School Info

Early Release December 17, 2021

Elementary - 11:45 am

Middle School - 12:15pm

High School - 12:15pm

Holiday Break December 20, 2021 - December 31, 2021

School resumes Monday, January 3, 2022

School Regular Hours

Prek: 7:40am - 3:20pm

Elementary: 7:45am - 3:25pm

Middle: 8:00am - 3:40pm

High School: 8:20am - 4:00pm

5th Graders Transition Symposium

All 5th Graders will be having their Transition Symposium at the end of January. More information will be coming. This transition symposium will be at Texas A&M San Antonio. It will be during the school day. It is to prepare students for going into 6th grade.

50 Goals

Write down 50 Goals for 5 years. Any goal you think you would like to accomplish
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Choosing and writing down goals is important, but don't stop there! Once you've decided on the goals you want to focus on, you'll want to break each goal down into smaller steps or goals, so you have a clear idea of what is required of you, to get closer to achieving that final goal.

S - Specific

Define them as clearly as you can because a specific goal is more likely to be achieved than a general one.

When asked about your goal, can you answer questions about Who, What, Where, When, Which, and Why? If not, you can probably get more specific!

M - Measurement

How will you measure your progress?

You could set some achievement dates or deadlines for yourself so that you're aiming to accomplish certain "baby steps" along the way to your final goal.

A - Attainable/Achievable

If you have a huge goal, that's awesome! Sometimes it's good to create a "sub goal" that's more attainable for now, but also gets you closer to that huge goal.

Focus on what's in your control, and less on the final result.

R - Realistic/Relevant

Are you willing and able to work toward this goal right now?

Does it make sense for you & your current situation/plans?

Sometimes asking yourself about this one can help you to recognize that a goal isn't actually one that makes sense for you (at least right now)! Remember that whatever you choose to spend your time on is taking up space & time that could be spent on something else- so make sure you're focused on the goals that are most important to you.

Time Bound

When you set a schedule or deadline, you create a sense of urgency and commitment and are more likely to keep working toward it!

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Guidance Lessons for Middle School

How to deal and cope with death during the holidays
Managing Grief on Holidays and Special Days

Guidance Lesson for Middle School

Conflict Resolution

La Paz

LaPaz L.L.C. is an outpatient facility that provides a variety of Mental Health services for individuals who are experiencing severe mental illness symptoms. The program uses a multidisciplinary team approach which may consists of Licensed Master Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed and Qualified Mental Health Professional-Community Services.

High School

10 Ways to help your child succeed below:
Extracurriculars Matter - To You and To Colleges

Holiday Stress

Holidays can bring sadness, stress, and of course excitement. Just know you are important and you are doing your best! Take time to recharge and take care of you! You can not take care of anyone else, if you do not take care of yourself first. Below is a 5 minute Mindfulness Activity! Try it out!
5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation