Emergency procedures

Some emergency procedures

Spring into action!!!!

If you know all the emergency procedures you can save someones life!! Follow this newsletter to find out how.


D-danger= see if the area is safe for others including yourself.

R-response= ask name squeeze hand and shoulders, if no response do s.

S-send for help= call 000 for an ambulance or ask another person to.

A-airways= open mouth and check for anything stuck in the airways and remove it with your fingers, also tilt the head with the chin lift.

B-breathing= check breathing by looking, listening and feeling the person's chest, if they are not breathing normally do c.

C-CPR= start CPR by doing 30 chest compressions to row row row your boat. Do this till help comes or the person recovers.

D-defibrillation= apply defibrillator if available and follow voice prompts.

Asthma action plan

The symptoms of a asthma attack are coughing and wheezing, victim is short of breath, unconsciousness, lips and ear tips and fingertips are blue or/and victim is anxious or/and subded or/and panicky.

How to do help:

1. Help the victim be comfortable.

2. Help with administration of medication

3. If there is little or no improvement within minutes keep giving 4 puffs every 4 minutes

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Evacuating from a building can be for many reasons for e.g. to escape from a fire. To stay safe you stay with others, find the nearest exit and go out that exit. REMEMBER: Don't use a lift, use the stairs!!