Mars Rovers

By Antonio Perez

How the mars rovers got famous

All the mars rovers found old traces of water. they work by using spectrum waves to scan mar's surface. what the goals are to find out the climate and geography of mars
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Viking 2 rover

viking 2 landed on mars in 1976. It was 200 yards from the viking 1. viking 2 stopped working cause the battery died

Pathfinder and Sojourner

Both landed on july 4 1996. Pathfinder deployed Sojourner 2 earth hours later. Sojourner fond old traces of water. It stopped working because the communication was lost.

Spirit Rover

landed on mars in 2004. one of its goals was to find the minerals in mar's soil. It stopped working because it got stuck in the soft soil.

Curiosity Rover

Curiosity landed on mars in November 6 2011. 1 of its objectives is to see if mars can support life on its self. Curiosity completed a martian year (687 earth days) and found past life.
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