KHS- Headset/Mouse

Distribution Dates: September 21-25, 12-3 PM School Library

Do you need a headset or mouse for your device?

Hawks, are you in need of a headset or mouse for your laptop or Chromebook? If so, we can provide one for you here at Knight High School. If you are not in need of a headset or mouse for your laptop or Chromebook, you do not need to come to this event.

The Process

Bring a face mask and wear it while you are on campus

Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated

Bring your KHS student ID if you have one

Park in the student parking lot under the solar panels

Please enter through D quad

Go to the KHS Library (Only the student OR one parent/guardian will be allowed to enter the library)

Stay 6 feet apart while in line

Follow directions from staff and security at all times

Time and Last Name assignment

Please see your time below, according to Last Name

You will also be able to pick up any textbooks that you need at this time

The KHS Student Store will be open to process web store orders and student store purchases from 12-2PM, each day next week.

Alpha Breakdown

A-E (all grades)- September 21, 12-3PM Monday

F-J (all grades)- September 22, 12-3PM Tuesday

K-O (all grades) September 23, 12-3PM Wednesday

P-T (all grades) September 24, 12-3PM Thursday

U-Z (all grades) September 25, 12-3PM Friday