A Little Bit Scary

By, Hannah Shiels

You may think that Max is a little bit scary but...

Max hands out the mail to everybody and everyday. He is very nice to the children that come to see him. He also gives out lolipops to the children, he even sometimes plays with the children.

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Good Deeds

  • He makes everyone's day when he comes with the mail.
  • He makes the little kids go into a great mood with his lollipops.
  • He helps people find things with his one big eye.

Maxes family.

Max has two brothers and a dad. He does not have mom because maxes enimy, Tom the aligater ate her. Maxes dad Jeff retired from doing the mail and is living with Max, Henry and Jake. Henry and Jake are twins and have alot in comon.


He likes playing football with Henry and Jake when is is not doing the mail. He is at the food store alot because he gets alot of lollipops for the kids. He likest to spend time with his dad.

Favorite Things