Local News Update

Flames Take Over

There is some very sad news about a fire that happen yesterday , here is Lonnie and lily who's pasterns died in the fire.The fire stared by elector work in the basement and go to the fire got to the 8th floor by the time the firemen came. Lonnie and Lily got out but there parents didn't. Lily ask Lonnie "is mommy and daddy going to come out ?" Lonnie said " I don't know if they are Lily."

Advice Column

Dear Name

Dear Abby,

I need advice. I was with my dad but he had to work away from me. I been having some trouble being away from my dad. I been with my dad for along time now, i'm just not ready to let him go. What should I do about being away from my dad?



Dear Abilene,

Here is advice. What you should do is call you're dad to see if he can come home for a wail or come pick you up and go with him for a little bit.




Tuesday, March 3rd, 11pm


We are going to have so much fun here with all the kids. We have food, water,and toys for the kids. Hope to see you there.