The Great White Monster

by Nathan Lee

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Fast and Feared: 2 words that describe this colossal marine predator. Almost everything about this Shark is great. Its sheer size makes this feared fish the underwater equivalent of the lion. As fast as a car, heavier than an average grand piano, and as large as a school bus, even the blue whale—the largest animal on the planet is commonly feasted by this type of mackerel shark. Despite all these facts, you have a two-times greater chance of getting knocked out by a vending machine than getting attacked by this ferocious hunter! What exactly is this animal? It is the carcharodon carcharias—also known as the great white shark.


This underwater hunter is ferocious, feared, and quick, and has the perfect abilities to survive in its environment. It snaps and bites its prey from every direction. The only harm for these massive creatures are us—not the other way around—and without them, the biome where it thrives in could almost be wiped out. Still, this predator is amazing, gigantic, and frightening to every other animal. No wonder it's nickname is the “Great White Monster”!

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There are many words that describe this

ferocious fish. Gigantic, fearsome, long, etc.

See how many words you can name that

describes the great white shark.

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Quick Facts about the great white shark


Average Length (male): 11-13 feet
Average Length (female): 15-16 feet
Largest ever recorded length: 20 feet
Average Weight: 1,500-2.400 pounds
Binomial Name: Carcharodon Carcharias
Place in Food Web: Apex Predator
Average offspring length: 4-5 feet
Main Prey: Cownose Ray


Domain - eukarya
Kingdom - animalia
Phylum - chordata

Class - Chondrichthyes
Order - Lamniformes

Family - Lamnidae
Genus - Carcharodon

Species - Carcharias