Marshall Newsletter

November 16-21

Grades and EOC Re-Testing

Please continue to monitor your student’s academic progress. November 6th progress reports are currently available in HAC. Our next progress report check will be on December 4.

We have a short period of time between now and final exam week (3 weeks), and some of our students will be participating in STAAR re-test during the week of 12/6. Attendance and engagement in lessons is extremely important.

Need a Device?

Parents, please fill out the below form if you child needs a device. Your child cannot fill out the form.

Students who qualify for a device:

1) Students with no device

2) Students who currently have an iPad that need a Chromebook

Students who currently have a NISD Chromebook do not need to fill out the form. They will not be given a replacement if their current one is working fine.

Important Attendance Information

Students can have no more than 8 absences per class per semester. You can monitor your child’s attendance by following this graphic (see attachment at the end of the newsletter).

Any day that shows red counts as an absence.

If you are over 8 absences in one or more classes, contact the teacher of that class to seek how you can recover absences.

Dyslexia Information

Marshall High School will be hosting: Dyslexia: Moving Forward Together

Parents of Students with Dyslexia Meeting

Please join us on Wednesday, November 18th at 6:30 pm via Zoom

Homecoming 2.0

Save the date! HoCo 2.0 is coming up. While we celebrated virtually Homecoming in October. On December 5th, we are going to recognize the Homecoming Court during half time at the football game against Warren High School.

There will be no Homecoming Dance this year.

Soccer Try-Out (Boys and Girls)

Boys and girls soccer tryouts will be held on the mornings of November 30th and December 1st.

Please see the attached flyers for more information at the end of the newsletter.


Any parent interested in sponsoring the Marshall bowling team, please reach out to Mr. Al Castillo at or 210.397.7115