Prepare to be a Panther

St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School - Class of 2020!

Earn a credit! Get a head start!

  • Develop and apply literacy, numeracy and interpersonal skills
  • Community building and leadership development
  • Meet new friends, and St. Peter's staff
  • Skill development for Career Exploration
  • Use of Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
  • Experience e-Learning

We're excited for you to experience what St. Peter's has to offer before Grade 9 begins!
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Classes begin

Monday, July 4th, 8:30am to Thursday, July 28th, 2:30pm

201 Ashford Drive

Barrie, ON

Eligibility - This program is open to all Grade 9 students who are enrolled at St. Peters in Sept. 2016

Limited spots available!

Dress Code - Students are NOT required to wear a uniform, however St. Peter's Civvies Day Dress Code Policy is in effect.

Lunch - Students will have a half hour supervised lunch. Students are to bring a brown bag lunch and snacks daily.

Field Trip Opportunity - Students will have the opportunity to experience Treetop Trekking at Horseshoe Valley $30.00 Fee. Permission form required.

*transportation provided for Innisfil ONLY

Summer School Calendar / Registration

Please register at
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